Deck Color Seal (A-1150) Heat Reflective

——————————Americrete Sealer Description——————————

A-1150 Product Description

Americrete A-1150 Cool Pool Series is a Premium, Quick Drying, 100% Acrylic Concrete/Masonry Pigmented Sealer. Formulated to reflect infrared rays and to seal concrete and masonry resistance to water, alkalis, acids, ultra-violet light.

—————————— Americrete Sealer Details——————————

A-1150 Product Specification How to Apply A-1150 Color Card


  • IR Heat Reflective
  • UV Resistant
  • Fast Drying
  • Water Base
  • Easy Clean-Up
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Alkali and Moisture Resistant
  • Excellent Hide and Color Retention
  • Passes ASTM D2047-82
  • Resistant to Ponding Water


  • Concrete Floors
  • Pool Decks
  • Patios
  • A-16000 Waterproofing System
  • A-9,000 Waterproofing System
  • Pool Texture Deck System
  • Walls Stucco

Finish & Surface Preparation

  • For maximum durability, the surface must be clean, free of dirt, oil, chalk and other foreign matter.
  • Satin Sheen

Concrete, concrete decks, concrete floors and concrete walkways

  1. New concrete must age for a minimum of 30 days. Cool temperatures and high humidity may require a longer cure time. Remove all grease, oil, and wax with T.S.P. solution. (One pound of T.S.P. to 1 gallon of water.)
  2. Scrub with a stiff broom until the surface is thoroughly clean.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with clear water.
  4. Pressure wash with minimum 2,500 PSI
  5. If necessary, etch all unpainted cement with A-250 acid etching gel, allow to stand five minutes then rinse clean with water.
  6. After etching, neutralize the acid with baking soda or soda ash then rinse thoroughly with water. A properly etched concrete surface should resemble the texture of medium sandpaper. Let dry thoroughly before applying the coating.


  • A-1150 Series may be used as its own primer.
  • To use Cool Pool Heat Reflective Deck Coating as a primer, add 1-pint water to 1 gallon A-1150 Series.

Previously Painted Surfaces

  • Clean all surfaces and roughen all glossy surfaces by sanding.
  • Remove all peeling, loose or blistered paint by scraping and wire brushing.
  • Remove all chlorinated rubber and hydrocarbon finishes by sandblasting.
  • Clean all surfaces thoroughly with a T.S.P solution and then rinse thoroughly with water.

Glossy Surfaces

  • Roughen gloss by sanding; then wash with a T.S.P. solution and rinse thoroughly with water.


  • Cool Pool A-1150 Series may be rolled, brushed or sprayed.
  • The coverage will vary, up to 300 square feet per gallon on a smooth surface and between 150-250 square feet per gallon on a rough or textured surface. (Product may be thinned with a small amount of water, 2 coats are recommended.)


  1. Box and mix all containers together to insure consistent color.
  2. Neatly cut-in all edges with a brush and roll the main area using a 1/2″ nap, good quality roller cover.
  3. Be sure to spread evenly in a “V” pattern, rolling in both directions.
  4. It is best not to apply in the hot sun or above 95 degrees.
  5. Thinning slightly with water and applying thin coats will help avoid streaks in direct sun.

Drying Time

  1. Allow four (4) hours between coats and light foot traffic.
  2. Normal foot traffic after twenty-four (24) hours. No vehicle traffic without sealer.
  3. Allow forty-eight (48) hours before placing heavy objects on the surface.


  • Warm water and soap.


  • Do not install any Americrete product if the temperature is below 55 degrees or in extreme heat.
  • Rain may damage uncured Americrete products.
  • If inclement weather threatens, cover deck to protect the new application.
  • Do not allow any Americrete product to FREEZE.