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Why Americrete is simply a better choice

Americrete is a company of humble beginningsBuilt on product ease and eco-friendly systems, Americrete was founded by contractors looking to build a brand that applicators loved. When Life Paint Corp. acquired Americrete, LLC in 2009, Americrete kept the family owned and operated feel but better positioned the company for growth. Under new management, Americrete bolstered customer service, updated the coating technology and expanded the product offering. Today, Americrete sees a shift in professionalism: With a full-time research and development laboratory, quality control department and production facility in Santa Fe Springs, Ca, Americrete is positioned as a national brand in the United States.


Simplicity is at the forefront of Americrete: Our products are user-friendly, long lasting, eco-friendly and above all, safe. For residential, commercial and industrial applications, Americrete offers a comprehensive product line to fill any application niche.


Americrete provides a large array and scope of products. The company offers long-lasting dry polymer types of cement, concrete resurfacing products, epoxy coatings, and deck coating products.  Americrete differentiates itself from its competitors in that the cements use dry-polymers and wet polymers, rather than just wet polymers. Micro-cementstranslucent stainsheat reflective color seals and 16 different sealers only scratch the surface of Americrete product offerings. Specifiers for the company over the year has left behind concrete resurfacing systems that combined existing Americrete products. Americrete is also known for specialty coatings such as efflorescence blockers, vapor seals, and color seals used on large projects in Las Vegas and international chains.


The company offers FREE training for all applicators and private demos. Our mission is to help applicators build long-lasting, safe and ascetically pleasing projects that keep their customers asking for more.


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