A-8,000 (Texture Finish)

—————————— Americrete Texture Finish A-8,000 Components——————————

  • A-100: Americrete Degreaser
  • A-300: Americrete Cement Modifier Bonding Agent
  • A-600: Americrete Grey Concrete Resurfacing Cement
  • A-601: Americrete White Concrete Dry-Polymer Cement
  • A-800: : Americrete Texture Cement
  • A-1100: Americrete Standard Color Seal
  • A-6300: Americrete 100% Solids Vapor Seal

—————————— Americrete Texture Finish A-8,000 System Components Summary——————————

A-8000 Specification A-100 A-300 A-600 A-601 A-800 A-1100 A-6,300

A-8,000 Product Description

  • This specification includes resurfacing methods used when applying Americrete products over new or existing pool decks. Application procedures include cleaning, repairs and resurfacing of pool decks in various textures, designs, and colors.


  • It is imperative that the structure that is to be repaired or overlaid be structurally sound. Deteriorated, cracked or spalled concrete should be repaired. Americrete recommends that all structural concrete substrates be tested for structural integrity and chemical contamination prior to application of any surfacing materials.

Preparation of surface

  • Americrete will bond to properly cleaned and porous concrete surfaces.
  • Mechanical or chemical abrasion may be necessary in order for Americrete to properly adhere to the surface.

Existing Coated Floors

  • All existing coatings, sealers, curing agents and other foreign materials must be removed by shot blast equipment or ground in order to reveal clean concrete.


  • The surface shall be cleaned thoroughly of all contamination by scrubbing the surface with A-100 Degreaser. Broom A-100 Degreaser evenly over the entire surface.
  • Allow the degreaser to remain on the surface for approximately 30 minutes. Power wash surface with a 3000 to 4000 psi machine.

Surface Stabilization

  • Chalking, weak or freeze-thaw damaged concrete must be treated to increase concrete strength and reduce vapor transmission. Use A-6300 Vapor seal with a broadcast of 30 grit silica sand or Skidtex. This will add a good adhesive base for overlays. The A-6300 Vapor seal will also help prevent delamination by vapor drive. Please read A-6300 specification sheet.

Material for 300 Square feet

  • A-300 primer, 1 gallon
  • A-600 or 601 resurfacer, 2 bags
  • A-800 pool texture, 2- bags
  • A-1100 or A-1150 Texture color seal, 2-3 gallons.

Repair cracks by using one of the following methods

  1. Open crack with the crack chaser or “V” blade. Brush A-300 Concrete Bonder Admix into the clean crack.
  2. Mix 4 to 5 quarts of water to 1 50 lb bag A-900 Waterproofing Basecoat and pour into the crack, completely filling the crack.
  3. Allow to dry and then trowel Concrete Resurfacer A-600 over the filled crack, and embed a 6-inch wide piece of Flex Mesh A-1600 into A-600 Concrete Resurfacer and feather the edges. A-7300 crack patch gel and Skidtex is another method for crack repair.
  4. Please read A-7300 Specification Sheet.
  5. Saw cuts may be necessary through the concrete substrate to create new expansions joints. Americrete does not guarantee that the cracks will not appear at a later date.


  • A design can be incorporated into the concrete substrate by using a crack chaser to cut into the crack and then into the concrete to create a flagstone effect. This would mean that the crack would move freely in the area that was cut. Paintable caulking can also be installed into these areas.

Installation Procedure (Part 1)

  1. V-grind out all cracks. Sweep and vacuum out all dust out of cracks. Pressure wash the surface to remove all dust and debris.
  2. Allow the surface to dry free of puddles, it should be damp but not shiny.
  3. Now roll out a primer coat of A-300 Concrete Bonder Admix, using a medium nap roller cover. The coverage rate is about 300-350 square feet per gallon.
  4. The dry time is 15-30 minutes at 72 degrees and 50 % humidity.
  5. Mix 5 to 6 quarts of water per 50 lb bag and apply the A-600 or A-601 White Resurfacer at a rate of about 200 square feet per batch. Slurry coat should fill minor voids and holes.
  6. Do not try and get a build of cement, just a tight screed.
  7. Use a pump-up type sprayer to do this. Allow the troweled surface to dry 3-4 hours at 72 degrees and 50% humidity and lightly scrape off any trowel ridges or points.

Installation Procedure (Part 2)

  1. Add 5 quarts of water to one 50 lb bag of the A-800 and mix in a 5-gallon bucket. Apply the A-800 Texture Finish Cement with a hopper gun at a rate of 150 to 175 square feet per 50 lb. batch.
  2. Set the air compressor PSI to about 100-150 and turn down the side adjuster on the hopper gun so the A- 800 Cement sputters out of the hopper gun about 15 inches. If the air is set too high, then the cement will shoot out too fine. Move your hopper gun in a circular motion to get an even spread of the cement.
  3. Allow the A-800 “splatters” to slightly set up (do not allow to dry), and knock-down with a trowel. To Knock- down means to slightly push down and spread out each splatter. Trowel out the splatters using an alternating figure 8 pattern so as to avoid having just a wave type pattern across the field of your work. Have a wet rag handy to wipe clean your trowel after every 4th or 5th swipe of your trowel.
  4. If your trowel keeps getting too goopy, then you have not let the cement set up enough. Wear golf shoes or spikes when you walk out onto the wet cement to do your knock-down. Allow it to dry. Clean and cut all joints for a neat finish look. Lightly scrape the entire surface, being careful not to gouge the still curing cement. Lightly sweep and blow off all dust and debris.
  5. Apply 2 coats of A-1100 Color Seal or A-1150 Cool Pool Color Seal. On hot days (80 degrees ) add 8 ounces of water per gallon to help avoid lap marks.No primer is needed for a full skim coat and knock-down.
  6. The coverage rate is 250 square feet per gallon. For Enhanced adhesion use A-6000 Waterbase Epoxy Primer (tinted the same color as the topcoat). See A-1100/A- 1150 and A-6000 Specification Sheet.

A-100 Product Description

A-100 Americrete Degreaser is a multipurpose cleaner that is designed to clean and lightly etch the surface simultaneously. The primary use is to remove deeply penetrated oil stains and contaminated surface residue.

A-300 Product Description

A-300 Americrete Concrete Bonder Admix is a proprietary bonding agent and Portland Cement admixture. Concrete Bonder Admix provides superior adhesion and, allowing the user to apply materials flexibility at any depth or thickness. Concrete Bonder Admix bonds to virtually any type of surface. A primer coat may be required.

A-600 Product Description

A-600 Americrete Concrete Resurfacer is a powdered proprietary co-polymer mix that is easy to install for large projects or small repairs. This product has dry polymer cement mix that only requires water to be added. Designed for resurfacing cement and can be used in virtually any climate due to its ability to resist freeze/thaw cycles and it’s resistant to salt. Concrete resurfacer can be used as a featheredge product and is also available in white (A-601).

A-601 Product Description

A 601 Americrete Concrete Resurfacer is a powdered proprietary co-polymer mix that is easy to install for large projects or small repairs. This product has dry polymer cement mix that only requires water to be added. Designed for resurfacing cement and can be used in virtually any climate due to its ability to resist freeze/thaw cycles and it’s resistant to salt. Concrete resurfacer can be used as a featheredge product and is also available in grey (A-600).


A-800 Product Description

A-800  Texture Finish is a proprietary mixture of copolymer resins mixed with variously sized aggregates.  Texture Finish is designed to be applied with a hopper gun to achieve a spray texture finish and knocked down with a trowel, or it can be left free standing.  Texture Finish can be applied over any concrete substrate. Ideal for pool decks due to the knockdown texture (anti-skid capabilities), and is an approved finish over Americrete Waterproofing Base Coat lath System A-9000

A-1100 Product Description

A-1100  is a Premium, Quick Drying, 100% Acrylic Pigmented Sealer formulated for sealing concrete and wood to provide resistance against water, alkalis, acids, ultra-violet light, and staining.

A-6,300 Product Description

Americrete’s A-6300  is a two component, 100% solids, low viscosity, moisture blocking epoxy primer.  It has an ability to reduce the hydrostatic pressure emitted by the floor.  When applied at 73°F / 50% humidity, Americrete’s 6300 is a 5-7 hour cure.