A-7,000 (Americrete Stamp System)

——————————A-7000 Stamp System Description——————————

A-7000 System Components

  • A-100Americrete Degreaser
  • A-300: Americrete Concrete Bonder Admix
  • A-700: Stamp Crete
  • A-750: Stamp Crete Primer
  • A-1000: Americrete Concrete Stain

—————————— A-7000 System Summary——————————

A-7000 Specification A-100 A-300 A-700 A-750 A-1000

A-7000 Americrete Stamp Description

This specification and the products outlined below are specifically designed for installing Americrete’s ¼” Stamp System.  Stamp texturing tools used with the A-700 Stamp Crete to produce designs and textures at various thicknesses over structurally sound concrete.

  • A-7000 stamp Crete system is easy to apply. All the contractor has to do is add water and pigment to the pre blended A-700 stamp material. Special chemicals and polymers have added at our blending facility so no extra chemicals are needed. This simplicity guarantees the ease of application every time.


  • It is imperative that the structure that is to be repaired or overlaid be structurally sound.  Deteriorated, cracked or spalled concrete should be repaired.  Americrete recommends that all structural concrete substrates be tested for structural integrity and chemical contamination prior to application of any surfacing materials.

Preparation of surface

  • Americrete will bond to properly cleaned and porous concrete surfaces. Mechanical or chemical abrasion may be necessary in order for Americrete to properly adhere to the surface. See Specification A-2000

Existing Coated Floors

  • All existing coatings, sealers, curing agents and other foreign materials must be removed by shot blast equipment in order to reveal clean concrete.


  • The surface shall be cleaned thoroughly of all contamination by scrubbing the surface with A-100 Degreaser.  Broom A-100 Degreaser evenly over the entire surface.  Allow the degreaser to remain on the surface for approximately 30 minutes. Power wash surface with a 3000 to 4000 psi machine.

Surface Stabilization

  • Chalking, weak or freeze-thaw damaged concrete must be treated to increase concrete strength and reduce vapor transmission.  The top surface should be removed and then treated with two coats of A-200 Concrete Prep and Seal or two coats of A-2250 Concrete Penetrating Sealer (C.P.S).  Spray evenly to saturate the surface, but do not allow the material to puddle. Allow to dry 30 to 45 minutes and rinse with water and a broom to remove any residue.

Vapor Transmition

  • A-6300 penetrating Vapor seal epoxy is also used to control moisture vapor, especially with concrete on grade with high alkali and moisture problem.  Refer to technical data sheet A-6300.

Surface Repairs

  • Small repairs and cracks require pre-filling.  Large spalls and cracks should be pre-filled prior to resurfacing using Americrete Crack Repair Procedure.  See Specification number A-17,000 for complete installation instructions.Americrete does not guarantee that the cracks will not appear at a later date.

Surface Leveling

  • Low areas, surface voids and other irregularities that cannot be repaired using a thin coat application may be repaired using this leveling procedure prior to resurfacing. Prime surface with A-375.Apply A-600 Concrete Resurfacer mixed with 6 to 6 1/2 quarts of water per bag, for any areas from 1/8” or 3/8”.  For deeper areas, other mixing ratios with larger aggregate are required.

A-100 Americrete Degreaser Description

  • A-100 Americrete Degreaser is a fortified concrete and multipurpose cleaner that is designed to clean and lightly etch the surface simultaneously. The primary use is to remove deeply penetrated oil stains and contaminated surface residue.

A-300 Americrete Concrete Bonder Admix Description

A-300 Americrete Concrete Bonder Admix is a proprietary bonding agent and Portland Cement admixture. Concrete Bonder Admix provides superior adhesion and, allowing the user to apply materials flexibility at any depth or thickness. Concrete Bonder Admix bonds to virtually any type of surface. A primer coat may be required.

A-700 Stamp Crete Description

A-700 Stamp Crete is a proprietary mixture of specially modified acrylic copolymer resins mixed with variously sized aggregates.  Stamp Crete is formulated to achieve 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch thickness profile that can be stamped using templates to achieve a simulated appearance of slate, brick, stone, or other designs.  Stamp Crete is approved over Americrete waterproofing base coat. 

A-750 Stamp Crete Primer Description

A-750 Stamp Crete Primer is a powdered proprietary co-polymer mixture that is designed to be the primer for Stamp Crete A-700.  Designed as a primer or coating.  Can be used in virtually any climate.  Stamp Crete Primer can also be used for patching or coating of concrete. 

A-1000 Americrete Concrete Stain Description

A-1000 Americrete Concrete Stain is a user-friendly, water-based acrylic stain for concrete. This product penetrates the surface for a tenacious bond. Available in 18 standard colors and 8 stain pro colors, these colors can be mixed for unlimited selection. Concrete Stain is used as a protective, decorative coloring system over new and old, pigmented and non-pigmented concrete, masonry, and wood surfaces.

The surface must be sealed with one of Americrete’s sealers. This product can be used on driveways, pool decks, architectural designs, natural stone, stamped concrete, stucco, walkways, industrial floors, kitchen floors, concrete block, exposed aggregate, brick, precast concrete, tile, fencing, wood decks, Mexican pavers, Americrete cements and anything that will accept a penetrating stain. An Americrete sealer is to be used when heavy traffic or vehicle traffic is expected. Call for Americrete sealer recommendations.