A-25,000 (Ameri-Dye System)

——————————A-25,000 System Description——————————

A-25,000 System Components

A-25,000 Specification A-4200 A-5600

A-25,000 System Description

This two-part specification describes 2 optional finishes when using A-2500 Ameri-Dye system.  Section 1A describes a polished finish after staining the concrete and Section 2A describes an unpolished, sealed finish after staining the concrete.

Surface Preparation

  • All new concrete must be cured for 28 days. 
  • Remove all existing coatings, sealers, curing agents and any foreign material by shot blasting or grinding the surface in order to get the concrete substrate to a porous condition.

Ameri-Dye staining over existing interior floors (1A) Polished Finish

  1. Mixing: Ameri-Dye is packaged in powder form. 
  2. The powder must be mixed with acetone (one 8 ounce tube per gallon of acetone). 
  3. To achieve a polished look, start by grinding the surface with a Blast Track machine using a variety of grinding pads. 
  4. Depending on the concrete’s surface, use either 50-60 grit or 80-100 grit working diamond.  Gradually increase grit size up to 400 – 600. Remove all dust.
  5. Apply Ameri-Dye to the surface using a sprayer with a conical tip (use one that allows Acetone to flow through the system without ruining the rubber grommets). Rinse and clean surface to remove all excess dye and repeat the process. Rinse and clean surface to remove dye residue.
  6. Spray the surface with Americrete’s A-2250 Concrete Penetrating Sealer with a fan tip and then broom the material on the surface, forcing it into the pores of the concrete. Repeat process over any area that looks lighter in color within 20 minutes.
  7. Allow the surface to completely dry for 1-3 hours or longer, depending on the temperature.
  8. Continue polishing the surface using 800 to 3000 grit diamond until completely smooth.  It is recommended to high speed burnish the floor with a buffing pad for final polishing.
  9. Protect the floor with a high quality Americrete sealer.   
  10. The floor will be at optimum performance after 7 days.

(2A) Ameri-Dye stained surface with a sealer

  1. Prepare surface as described above.
  2. Follow mixing procedures described in #1 above.
  3. Apply the dye over a clean, porous substrate and allow to dry. See #3 above.
  4. Remove residue and repeat process if necessary.
  5. Clean the surface and apply two coats of Option 1: 1480G, Clear-Top Coat – 60% Solids, Option 2:  A-4200,  Shine and Seal, Option 3:  A-5600,  Armor Shield
  6. Sealer choice will depend upon foot traffic.  For heavy foot traffic use A-1480G.  Allow drying for 24 hours.
  7. Apply 2-5 coats of wax to surface using a high-speed buffing apparatus.

A-4200 Shine and Seal Description

A-4200 Shine and Seal is a clear, single component, solvent based VOC compliant lacquer sealer. It is a very hard acrylic polymer that offers better gloss, UV resistance and stain resistance than most other sealers in its class. 

The solvent base allows the material to penetrate and adhere to concrete, tile and most types of decorative acrylic cement coatings.  4200 Shine and Seal cerate’s a shiny “wet look” appearance.

A-5600 Product Description

A-5600 Armor Shield is a two component, high solids, water-based, aliphatic polyurethane. The UV resistant, mar resistant, chemical resistant nature of this product will cause it to outperform most other types of sealers or topcoats without the unwanted smell of solvents. It is available in a 6-hour cure formula.