Stains (A-1000)

——————————Americrete Stain Description——————————

A-1000 Concrete Stain is a water-based semi-translucent, deep penetrating stain. The stain is also available in bases where it can be tinted to match existing structures or systems.

Semi-Translucent stains can be mixed with other Americrete stains to create different mottling effects, depending on what the end user is looking for. The stain is mostly used over decks and concrete slabs.

Americrete offers a large color pallet selection. A-1000 semi-translucent stains can be tinted in multiple bases to match a wide array of colors. Discover the right stain for your project.

—————————— Americrete Stain Details——————————

A-1000 Product Specification How to Apply A-1000 Color Card

A-1000 Product Description

  • A-1000 Concrete Stain Americrete Concrete Stain is a user-friendly, water-based acrylic stain for concrete. This product penetrates the surface for a tenacious bond.
  • Available in 21 standard colors. These colors can be mixed for unlimited selection. Concrete Stain is used as a protective, decorative coloring system over new and old, pigmented and non-pigmented concrete, masonry, and wood surfaces.
  • The surface can be sealed with one of Americrete’s sealers. This product can be used on driveways, pool decks, architectural designs, natural stone, stamped concrete, stucco, walkways, industrial floors, kitchen floors, concrete block, exposed aggregate, brick, precast concrete, tile, fencing, wood decks, Mexican pavers, Americrete cements and anything that will accept a penetrating stain.
  • An Americrete sealer is to be used when heavy traffic or vehicle traffic is expected. Call for Americrete sealer recommendations.

Preparation of surface

  • Americrete Stain will bond to properly cleaned and porous concrete surfaces.
  • Mechanical or chemical abrasion may be necessary in order to achieve the proper profile.
  • Profile means that the concrete should feel rough, like 80-100 grit sandpaper.

Existing Coated Floors

  • All existing coatings, sealers, curing agents and other foreign materials must be removed by shot blast or grinding equipment in order to reveal clean concrete.


  • If oil or greasy spots are present clean by scrubbing the surface with A-100 Degreaser. Broom A-100 Degreaser evenly over the entire surface.
  • Allow the degreaser to remain on the surface for approximately 30 minutes. Do a final clean with TSP cleaner to ensure A-100 is totally removed. Power wash surface with a 3000 to 4000 psi machine. Read A-100 Degreaser Specifications for full details.

Vapor Transmission

  • The surface should be tested to assure that the vapor transmission is below 3.5 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.
  • This can be measured by using a Calcium Chloride test kit. Follow directions on the test kit.

Coverage Rate

Concrete stain can be applied at approximately 250-400 square feet per gallon depending on the application procedure, surface porosity, and texture of the surface.


  1. Stir, do not shake, the product to ensure that the color is mixed homogeneously before application.
  2. Box same colors together in a larger container to ensure color uniformity.
  3. Can be applied by brush, roller, or Hudson sprayer. If using a Hudson sprayer, use a soft bristle brush push broom to help penetration and uniformity. Product may also be worked in with a rag or sponge to add different effects while still wet.

Caution: Do not apply in direct sun on a hot day. Surface temperature should not exceed 100F. Do not apply in cold or threatening weather such as heavy dew, fog, mist or rain is forecasted within 24 hours. Do not apply if the surface temperature is below 55oF.